Your ‘Screen Free Day’ to listen… create…. play…


What is Switch Off ~ Tune In ~ ?

Switch Off ~Tune In ~ is about choosing to have a Screen Free Day – One day each week.

It is a simple way to switch off from constant distractions and interruptions of the outside world and really tune in to your world.

It’s about giving yourself and your family ‘real time’ to talk, to play, to be creative, to do nothing, to reaffirm who you are to each other and recharge your batteries.

It’s about strengthening our muscle to switch off when we recognise we’ve fallen into ‘ground hog day’ again.

What does “Screen Free” mean?

OK, are you sitting down?

TV – Computer  – Games like WiiXBox & pocket games – iPods (It’ll be hard for someone to really ‘tune in’ if they’re away in GAGA land) For a change, why not listen to music together – on the stereo) – and lastly…. are you sure you’re sitting down now? …… mobile phones……Well let us justify that.

A phone used as a phone is fine but if you are going ‘screen free’,  texting, playing with apps and checking your screen every five minutes isn’t really switching off .   So if you’re able, flex that ‘peace control’ muscle of yours and use your mobiles as phones onlyfor your SOTI Day or better still leave them at home or switch ‘em off.  Extra brownie points apply!

Sometimes it’s easier to try something new, (particularly one that could cause a mutiny) to join in with others for mutual support and to give you something to hide behind! So….check out the Orange Banner on the main page for the latest event and register your participation.

Register your Screen Free Day! Make it official and declare your weekly SOTI DAY!