Your ‘Screen Free Day’ to listen… create…. play…


But what about…

My favourite TV show, the son’s Warcraft game and my husbands’ internet…. yep,..yada yada yada……and your daughter believes the world will collapse if she doesn’t check her Facebook.

This is the norm for many of us now….and there’s nothing wrong with any of this happening…. But what if that’s pretty much all that happens, day in, day out.

Switching Off and Tuning In is about you and your family being the centre of attention.

OK Mum…..back away from the TV…….. Now Peter … put … the … Blackberry … down and we’ll all have a group hug”!

Well, you might not want a group hug right now, but how about a board game – or a tumble with your kids -  or some time with your daughter finding out what’s really going on for her at school?

Some Non Screen Stuff;


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