Your ‘Screen Free Day’ to listen… create…. play…

Family Portrait

Hi, we’re the Pseudo Family Robinson from Overthehillandfaraway.

We started having our Switch Off ~ Tune In day every Wednesday about a month ago. Although our children, (and my husband) complained a lot to start with, now they enjoy it…. mostly. Our is daughter is 5 years old & our son is 8.

We make sure we’ve got a few things planned or at least on standby. (The kids come up with most of the ideas for ‘next week’s SOTI Day’ although we have had to reject, ‘Going to Disneyland’, twice!)

Some things we’ve done are; made cupcakes for school lunches, gone on a bike ride & to the park (usually weekend things) played some card & board games. We also dragged out a huge Jigsaw Puzzle and we work on that if anyone feels like it. Books make more of an appearance and homework gets done…mostly!

(I must be honest here and tell you that we have had a couple of tantrums about missing a favourite TV show.  But as I told my husband we can just record, ‘Big Men-Big Fish’ and he can watch it tomorrow!)

One night after dinner we lit the fire-pit on the deck, toasted marshmallows and played a progressive story game which was quite hilarious and a little bit scary, thanks to our five year olds’ vivid imagination.

My husband has finally started reading the book I got him two Christmas’s ago; he’d usually be watching TV with me or be at the computer. And I’ve had two long, hot baths with candles, music, the works… heaven really, and much more rewarding than watching another episode of ‘Wife Swap USA’.

I notice on this night we seem to go to bed a little earlier and perhaps more relaxed.

Our SOTI day may change and some weeks we might slip up, but I’d like to lock it in as something we do each week. With life so hectic and so much information coming at us from everywhere, having a screen free day allows us stop, switch off from the world outside and smell the roses we have right here in our hands.

Just to be sure there’s no misunderstandings, this family and their story are fictitious, but I did have fun inventing them!


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