Your ‘Screen Free Day’ to listen… create…. play…

  • In a life so full of distractions, how do we keep sight of and give time to what’s really important to us?
    WHAT IF… we had one day each week, free from the interruptions of the outside world… what kinds of things could we do and how would it change the quality of time we spend with each other?

  • Welcome

    Happy Father and Daughter

    Light The Fireworks! – Strike Up The Orchestra! – Hoist The Main Sail And Put The Kettle On! Switch Off ~ Tune In ~ Is Born!

    OK, we’ll stop blowing our own horn for a moment; get a little bit serious and right to the point.

    Switch Off  ~ Tune In ~ (A Screen Free Day Each Week), was an idea we had about four years ago, but didn’t do anything with at the time – life took over as it does.

    But now with Smart Phones and Twitter, Facebook and iPads, we seem to be in technological overdrive.

    Books are being written and studies revealed that shine a light on the fact that many of us are starting to feel overwhelmed and we’re beginning to ask the question, “Who is serving who?”

    Screen technology has reached into every area of our lives and it is exciting and it is useful.  (I’ve just discovered a virtual whiteboard that I’m jumping out of my skin to use)

    But it is changing how our families function and how our children grow.

    Studies have linked an increase in children’s screen time to a decreased attention span, the ability to empathise and read facial language.

    So, SOTI is up and running and aims to serve in the following ways:

    1/ To acknowledge and share our common experience with screen technology that figures so large in our lives.

    2/ To be creative and resourceful together in how we can use technology to really work for us, and to become more aware of when it doesn’t.

    3/ To share a simple idea that there is an off ramp from our grid-locked techno highway and to offer ways to gain some ‘peaceful control’ back into our lives.

    For ourselves and our families.

    News and Events

    About the website

    This website belongs to you.

    We’re young and we are still learning to care for this web-baby, so please be understanding while we make sure everything works for you and looks pretty too.
    Tell us what you like to see and please share any ideas about introducing SOTI into your community.

    Yes, we’re aware of the irony here that; While we encourage you to Switch Off ~ Tune In ~ One Day a Week, we’re using a website to do that!

    We do get that, and it is kind of funny.

    But please note that we will never ask you to; ‘Be our friend on Facebook’ or ‘Follow us on Twitter’.

    We think you’ve probably enough going on without us making demands.

    If you do want to share the SOTI idea with others just tell them, share via your facebook page or email a link.
    Actually we are already planning our demise, of the website that is and hope that by 2015, this website will be redundant.

    ‘Stay tuned’….Mmm…perhaps what we should say is, ‘Switch Off’ …and go have some fun.

    Some Inspirational Words

    “We simplify our lives

    We live gladly with less

    We let go of the illusion that we can possess

    We create instead

    We let go the illusion of mobility

    We travel in stillness We travel at home

    By candlelight and in stillness

    In the presence of flowers

    We make our pilgrimage

    We simplify our lives”

    – Michael Leunig

    “What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.” — HERBERT SIMON, recipient if Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

    Register your Screen Free Day! Make it official and declare your weekly SOTI DAY!